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A Tiger-Faced Plane To Fly In Cheetahs From Namibia
The plane travelling to bring eight cheetahs from southern Africa had India's national animal, the tiger, intricately painted on its front, a photograph shared by the High Commission of India in Namibia showed. "A special bird touches down in the Land of the Brave to carry goodwill ambassadors to the Land of the Tiger," the caption accompanying the image read.
Germany Takes Control Of 3 Russian-Owned Oil Refineries
Germany is taking control of three Russian-owned refineries in the country to ensure energy security before an embargo on oil from Russia takes effect next year, official said on Friday. The Economy Ministry said in a statement that Rosneft Deutschland GmbH and RN Refining and Marketing GmbH will be under the administration of Germany's Federal Network Agency.
Apple MR Headset to Unlock a New Dimension for the Human Eye
A new Apple patent application suggests that its mixed reality (MR) headset could let users view things invisible to human eyes. The report highlights that users can see gas leaks and Wi-Fi signals that the human eye cannot see. Apple's MR headset will reportedly feature additional signals to enable this feature, which will set it apart.
SCO Summit 2022
Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) taking place in Uzbekistan's Samarkand. "The world is overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic. Several disruptions occurred in the global supply chain because of the COVID and Ukraine crisis. We want to transform India into a manufacturing hub," said PM Modi at the SCO Summit in Uzbekistan's Samarkand.