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Times of India
‘Absolute rubbish’: Bhavish Aggarwal quashes reports of Ola’s merger with Uber
Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola Electric, has quashed reports about Ola's merger talks with Uber. He claimed the rumours were "absolute rubbish". We’re very profitable and growing well, he said. If some other companies want to exit their business from India, they are welcome to! We will never merge." According to Reuters, Uber has also denied reports of a merger. That report is inaccurate. We are not, nor have we been, in merger talks with Ola, Uber said in a statement. The two Indian cab aggregators have been slugging it out in an intensely competitive Indian market and have spent billions in incentives and discounts to passengers. Uber sold its local food delivery business Uber Eats to Zomato Ltd (ZOMT.NS) in January 2020, while Ola shut down its grocery delivery business and has of late invested billions of dollars in its electric vehicle venture, Ola Electric Mobility.

Air India offers to re-hire pilots for 5 years after their retirement
Air India has offered to re-hire pilots after their retirement for a five-year period amid reports of it acquiring 300 single-aisle planes, according to internal communication. The airline is considering to re-hire them as commanders. Prior to the pandemic, Air India used to re-hire its retired pilots on contract but the practice was discontinued after late March 2020.