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Germany Takes Control Of 3 Russian-Owned Oil Refineries
Germany is taking control of three Russian-owned refineries in the country to ensure energy security before an embargo on oil from Russia takes effect next year, official said on Friday. The Economy Ministry said in a statement that Rosneft Deutschland GmbH and RN Refining and Marketing GmbH will be under the administration of Germany's Federal Network Agency.
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Myanmar: Suu Kyi sentenced to 3 years

A court in Myanmar on Friday sentenced ousted leader Aung San Suu Kyi to three years' imprisonment with labour after finding her guilty of election fraud, adding more jail time to the 17 years she is already serving for other offenses prosecuted by the military government.

The latest verdict also carries potentially significant political consequences for Suu Kyi's National League for Democracy party by lending support to the government's explicit threats to dissolve it before a new election the military has promised for 2023. Suu Kyi's party won the the 2020 general election in a landslide victory, but the army seized power the following February and kept her from a second five-year term in office.

Japanese the most powerful and India stands at 87, says Henley Passport Index
A Japanese passport provides entry to 193 countries and stays at the number 1 spot for the past 5 years, whereas Singapore and South Korea at 2nd and 3rd place provides entry to 192 countries. India passport which is ranked at 87 provided access to 57 countries. "Indian travellers can now travel to same number countries as pre-covid, where as during covid only 23 countries allowed Indian travellers. The Henley Passport Index ranks 199 passports according to the number of destinations a person can enter with a passport.    
India, China may be buying more Russian oil than we believe: US
Cecilia Rouse, chair of US President Joe Biden's Council of Economic Advisers, has said, "Right now...oil markets are rather volatile. I've heard part of the explanation is that China and India are actually purchasing more of Russian oil than maybe we believe." She stated that it's easing a supply crunch in global markets and potentially driving a recent price decline.